Why do bad things happen?

My disclaimer for this post: we all have had different experiences and are at different points in processing those experiences. What works for me, in my journey, may not work for you. It’s part of what makes our human experience beautiful. We are all on a journey.

My daughter was born too soon, to another woman. She was not able to stay in her birth family. Her brain bled. She has cerebral palsy. She has hydrocephalus. She has had 3 brain surgeries. She currently cannot run or walk the way other 3 year old’s can. She can’t orally consume her calories and has 4 g-tube feeds a day.

None of these things are fair. She is an innocent child who has never harmed another living creature. Why did all of this happen to her? Where was God?

I don’t have answers.

What I do have is my belief that we live in a broken world. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Life can be unfair, especially to the innocent.

Where was God? Why did this happen to Paisley? I believe all of this happened to Paisley because of a long string of events. It wasn’t a curse. It wasn’t to make a point. Bad things happen. Her birth family had circumstances beyond their control. They made the best decision they could with the resources and information they had at the time. Her premature birth was something they did their best to prevent but it couldn’t be stopped. Her medical conditions are a result of being born at 24 weeks. Her doctors and nurses did their best to help her.

So where was God? Why didn’t he stop it? Bad things happen. Our lives will never be perfect, but we are called to give to others. I believe God was with her doctor’s as they tried to revive her. God was with us a year before her birth, prompting us to complete a home study and opening our hearts to another child. God was in the knowledge of her lawyer to help complete the adoption and in the hearts of the volunteers who transported her to Indiana. He has been in the midst of her therapists, doctors, and new people who have had information we needed.

Can God work through supernatural miracles? I believe yes. But more so, I believe He works through the skills and talents of others. We are called to give to our fellow human beings and if more people gave of themselves, there would be less suffering.

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