Camping with a g-tube and cerebral palsy

We are camping this week! After many years of tent camping, we finally caved and purchased a pop up two years ago. My husband hit his personal limit after cleaning g-tube supplies outside. In the rain. At 2:00 am.

Things can get a bit tight with 5 people, a very large dog, and medical supplies, but we love it and christened her the “Taj maHAUL.”

Why camp?

Because it gives us opportunities we can’t get in a hotel room. Camp fires, letting the frogs lull you to sleep and showering in your flip flops are experiences everyone should have, at least once.

So how do we camp with a kiddo who has a g-tube and isn’t an independent walker yet?

Over the past 3 years, we have acquired some interesting equipment. Our bike was meant for use in a city with kids, but it is perfect for our Paisley, and Landry. She is safely strapped in with a great view. When she is sleepy, the seat reclines for added security. Our faithful canine can take a nap or let the wind blow through his fur on rides.

Most of our pop up is accessible by crawling. Paisley can go from floor to couch to bunk easily. We try to keep shoes out of the camper and sweep a couple of times a day to keep things clean for her but some dirty knees are inevitable. It’s part of the experience.

We keep Paisley’s blended g-tube food in the mini fridge. We dream of a larger fridge someday, so we can freeze ice packs for day trips, but right now, it’s nice not to worry about ice melting in a cooler. And, due to Matthew’s 2:00 am revelation, the sink has ensured rainy nights are no longer a problem for tube cleaning.

Is it perfect? Haha! Nope. The kids still fight, we store it in our garage, making us look like an episode of hoarders, and there is never enough storage, but it gives us a cushy place to start our adventures and we are thankful.

One thought on “Camping with a g-tube and cerebral palsy

  1. Loved camping as a child in a pop up! My parents eventually moved up to a beautiful 5th wheel … after the kids were gone 🤣


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