Road trip with a G-Tube

We live in the Midwest, which means if we want to go anywhere, we have to spend hours in the car. In 2018, we spent over 90 hours driving to Maine and Florida. While we have the typical coping skills for keeping the kids busy, we’ve had to get creative with how to feed our tubie in the car.

Our daughter uses a blended diet that has to stay cold once opened. We prefer to use a cooler with ice or reusable freezer packs, but sometimes, these are not an option. For this example, we accidentally packed the cooler in the pop up. Oops. It wasn’t a big deal though. We paid for a cup of ice before we left town and stuck Paisley’s next feed in it. It stayed nice and cool until we needed it.

Problem number two is how to clean her pump tubing on the road. Stopping to clean tubing is a pain, not to mention gross. Roadside options are limited to gas station bathrooms and that is a big nope to something someone is getting their food from. Matthew has solved this problem by using a fast food cup.

He simply sticks the end of the tubing in an empty cup and purges the tubing. We keep water in the car for this purpose. Make sure, if you have any affection for the driver, that you get rid of the straw or tuck it inside the used cup so you don’t have an unfortunate accident.

Tube feeding on the road can seem daunting but it’s doable. What are your favorite tricks?

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